Quantitative data and analytics are reshaping the manufacturing sector by the adoption of emerging technologies such as business intelligence. Harnessing data and applying modern business analytics tools is driving the manufacturing industry to be more efficient and today it is referred to as “Smart, Connected and Intelligent Manufacturing”. Embracing the trend, CEO Analytix is one of the forerunners in the realm of data-driven manufacturing.

CEO Analytix enables modern manufacturing infrastructure with the manufacturing analytics for sustainability.

Metrics for manufacturing businesses

Metrics based manufacturing from CEO Analytix

Manufacturing leaders are seeking new ways to optimize production, automate processes, drive productivity, lower the maintenance cost, streamline operations, and reduce downtime

  • More manufacturing insights than ever before
  • Transform manufacturing data into meaningful insights.
  • Share the right information with the right person.
  • Integrated manufacturing insights from multiple sources.
  • Integrated inter-departmental data processing for root-cause analysis and strategic business decisions.
  • See what is happening in the production lines in real-time.
  • Visibility into process efficiency costs, inventory, machine downtime, etc.

Visualize the right manufacturing analytics

ceo analytix provides powerful and intuitive data analytics solutions for the manufacturing industry to unlock the potential of your data.

  • Capture human resource utilization & power consumption metrics
  • Keep track of input vs output metrics for great results
  • Decide when and where to automate
  • Get a consistent real-time view of the state of production and operations.
  • Predict the maintenance needs based on the data.
  • Automate visual inspections and manage quality assurance.
  • Define plans, manage, and control production,
  • In-depth cost analysis through multiple layers of insights or data.

What are the key performance metrics in manufacturing?

The overall operating efficiency evaluates the efficiency of your operations. It includes on standard and off standard time which helps track improvements over time.

The OEE measures the overall effectiveness of your equipment, quality, availability and ensures your manufacturing plant is running with all its effectiveness.

This is an important KPI that tracks the production downtime. It includes maintenance downtime, and both the scheduled and unscheduled downtime.

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