Data Analytics in Health care Industry

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    The healthcare industry is paving way for a data-driven world. This approach termed as “healthcare BI” is now widely adopted by healthcare organisations which embraces analytics and metrics reporting tools to improve care and operations. It gives them the ability to track key performance indicators with better visibility into patient safety, health records, operational and financial data.

    The centralised solution by CEO Analytix provides business intelligence metrics/analytics for patient care, hospitals, and clinics to drive data-driven insights. To foster an intelligent business in a highly competitive environment, healthcare organisations need to implement a successful business intelligence strategy. CEO Analytix has been at the forefront to help them produce actionable insights and gain visibility into opportunities for improvement.

    Data-driven healthcare

    Better and faster
    decision making
    Better and planned
    cost management
    Identify potential risks
    and mitigate them

    Analytics in the healthcare industry

    Healthcare analytics is not an option anymore but a necessity.

    • Patient tracking and monitoring for better patient care
    • Swift collaboration across different departments can aid faster decision making
    • Remove the burden of decentralized data and enable automation
    • Manage expenses better with error-free costing and billing
    • Make better financial decisions by unlocking financial insights
    • Supports statutory audits, regulatory compliance, and certifications

    Healthcare KPIs visualisation

    What are the key performance metrics in healthcare?

    The operational healthcare performance metrics measures the overall operational efficiency, optimized operational costs etc. These metrics include the average hospital stay, patient wait time, bed occupancy rate, staff-to-patient ratio, room turnover, medical equipment utilization, etc.

    Healthcare financial performance metrics measures costs associated with the treatment, claims, operating profit margin etc. These metrics include patient drug cost per stay, the time associated with processing insurance claims, claims denial, average treatment charge, net profit margin, employee wages etc.

    The healthcare internal performance metrics include training per department, number of mistake events, patient confidentiality, regulatory and compliance, partnerships (number of partnerships a healthcare organisation holds with other organisations).

    The public health performance metrics aims at building a highly educated public. The metrics include childhood immunisation rate, number of educational programs, the number of children born preterm etc.

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