Data Analytics for Public Sector

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    Damian Smulders

    Business intelligence metrics has never been more important to the public sector. When you look at the overwhelming volume of data collected within the government and public sector arena, the challenge is how to make sense of these complex data in a way that can better serve the public. With the right business intelligence tool, a government agency can have full insight into performance and accountability to make the right decisions.

    CEO Analytix provides data analytics solutions for the public sector which enables them to do more with less effort. Intelligently manage operations, get a unified view across multiple departments, present the critical data with the staff, stakeholders, citizens and thereby providing improved transparency.

    Uncover insights in public sector

    Transparency and
    Compliance & information

    Drive better initiatives in the public sector

    Leverage CEO Analytix to get a big picture by putting people first in the transformation of government and the public sector.

    • A higher degree of transparency
    • Improve the service delivery to the public
    • Ensures adequate privacy and confidentiality of the sheer volume of data in the public sector
    • Predictive analytics – predict changes, respond swiftly and appropriately.
    • Full insight into the performance, identify areas of improvement, reduce security threats, and accountability

    Public sector KPIs visualisation

    What are the key performance metrics in the public sector?

    The budgeting ratio metric is the ratio of the public sector operating costs to the public sector revenue.

    The regulatory performance metrics is key to improving the transparency between the government and the citizens. It includes regulatory impact analysis, regulatory alternatives assessments, etc.

    The audit findings tell you the issues reported during the audits and thereby bringing the attention of the concerned departments to act.

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