Data Analytics for Finance Sector

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    The customers interact with banks and financial institutions accounting for the numerous financial events taking place every day. This has led to an explosion in a huge amount of customer data in the financial world daily. The role of business intelligence solutions in the finance industry is profound and growing. It is revolutionizing the financial sector and the technical scenarios in the present era of digitalization.

    CEO Analytix leverages predictive analytics helping fintech businesses to discover and address the challenges in managing data. Fintech business owners exploit this huge amount of data to gain insights into the current and future customer behaviour, minimise business risks and make more profitable decisions.

    Business intelligence in finance

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    Transforming finance industry with data

    Empowering the financial industry with business intelligence:

    • New customers – brings you more marketing opportunities
    • Risk management – uncover critical data to identify risks and mitigate cyber threats, frauds, etc.
    • Customer retention – identify why customers switch to the competition, design personalised campaigns, and improve customer relationships
    • Performance – identify business performance at every level
    • Value drivers – track the best performing products and services, spending patterns, etc.

    Performance metrics for finance

    Analytics in finance industry

    What are the key performance metrics in finance?

    This is one of the key performance metrics which shows how efficiently the business is generating profit.

    Gross Profit Margin = (Net Sales – Cost of Goods Sold) / Net Sales

    Working capital is another key metrics for any fintech which measures the money which is readily available.

    Working Capital = Current Assets – Current Liabilities

    The current ratio tells you how healthy your current financial situation is. It evaluates the current assets such as account receivables, liabilities etc.

    Current Ratio = Current Assets / Current Liabilities

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