Data Analytics for energy sector

The need for energy is increasing exponentially. More than ever, energy and utility companies are focusing their efforts around business intelligence (BI) to work efficiently and ensure regulatory compliance. Today, in the mining sector, the companies that work at their optimum potential and profitability are the ones that recognize the value of exponentially growing volumes of data.

CEO Analytix provides business intelligence metrics for companies in the energy sector to solve energy problems through real-time data analytics. We help implement data-driven BI solutions in energy and utility companies around the world to equip them with self-service business intelligence dashboards.

Making the energy industry efficient

Achieve faster results
Reduce costs
Improve service delivery
Agile decision making

Data analytics in the energy sector

Make a difference by leveraging CEO Analytix business intelligence metrics to extract breakthrough insights.

  • Bridge the performance gaps that affect production
  • Predict future usage, identify at-risk accounts, respond to market opportunities
  • Real-time visibility into operations, data-driven decisions, and monitor your business more closely
  • Enterprise-level data transparency, maintain regulatory compliances
  • Empower employees to assess data on their own

Energy KPIs visualization

What are the key performance metrics in energy?

Consumption by sector is one of the key metrics that tell you which areas or sector consumes the most energy in comparison with other areas. This performance indicator helps you identify a trend of consumption so that you can plan and make the right action toward being more efficient.

Production costs give you the costs comparison of different energy sources.

Availability factor represents the amount of time your plant can operate.

The performance ratio is a real-time metrics that help you measure the efficiency of your plant, spot any production problems, and take the necessary action.

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