Build a data-driven
CEO Analytix provides the foundation for a unified
enterprise-wide data strategy to develop and deploy
enterprise processes which in turn helps in streamline
decision making.
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We believe data brings modern technology to life and
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Data analytics for Corporates

According to reports from various sources, the organizations that embrace data have a 10 times better chance to perform well financially. Moreover, enterprises that adopt a data-driven culture are 5 times more likely to acquire new customers. Becoming data-driven is more than just installing a data dashboard solution. The CEO Analytix business intelligence analytics solution gives your enterprise the ability to maximise the benefits of your enterprise data and making analytics a part of your business strategy.

  • Enable data-driven innovation
  • Establish transparency, trust, and regulatory compliance
  • Opportunities to improve economic and social values
  • Data-driven research and development (data-driven R&D)
  • Optimize business processes and improving existing practices
  • Tangible results for meaningful progress
  • Accelerated digital transformation
  • Optimize the business value of data and build meaningful collaborations

The data-driven corporation

Integrated Data

Build interactive analysis from multiple departments using CEO Analytix. Visual representation of data such as revenue, forecasting, marketing strategy, etc.


As more and more organisations now understand the power of data, the leadership team can now use data to accelerate business strategy.

Measure Goals

Keeping in mind you can only improve what you measure, CEO Analytix provides an actionable way to achieve overall enterprise strategies and goals.

Data for all

Embraced by all levels of the organization to regularly capture, review, and learn from the data. Enabling internal tracking toward targets and priorities of the business.


Intelligent data monitoring enables businesses to adapt to the changing business environment and optimize processes and operations in real-time.


Enterprises can make use of the insights to drive innovation. Business leaders can use these insights to innovate, develop new business models, product development etc.

Achieving an impact with data


Helps you set and achieve the right goals by having access to the right data and in-depth insights.

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Reduce risks

Vital insights to reduce potential and unforeseen risks significantly through early prediction.

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Give your enterprise a competitive advantage and improve business innovation by leveraging valuable insights.

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Self-service analytics solution


Intuitive, seamless, and responsive UI to visualize KPIs. Easily configurable dashboards which are completely customizable.


Get intelligent data alerts on the go. Get notified on the performance with recommendations to improve.


Set the right processes in place, spend less time manually compiling data and more time tracking and monitoring key metrics.


Predict business growth based on past performance, customer’s expectations, their buying patterns, etc.

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