Sales Dashboard Examples

A central space to monitor sales and KPIs giving you detailed analyses and data on sales and sales performances, thereby providing an efficient platform to help fellow teams and employees to reach sales goals.

1) Moving annual Totals

- Easy to see current trends and predict future performance
- The measure takes account of seasonality

2) Sales by Geography

Geographical image with Geo location map

This is a useful way to analyse sales as you can see the performance in different regions

3) Sales by Product group

Bar chart of sales by major product grouping

This can be useful to help demand planning

4) Sales by customer type

Bar chart of sales by customer segment Bronze/Silver/Gold/Platinum

This can be useful to maintain clear commercial offers to clients and to incentivise customers to spend more by targeting them to achieve the next level of commercial terms

5) Sales by order type

Pie chart of sales by order type Web/direct/Retail

This can be useful to know which channels are growing and which ones are declining to understand where resource needs to be focused

6) Sales by sales representative

MAT sales by Representative

This is useful to understand which reps are performing well to share learning to improve performance across the company

7) Customer retention levels

This is usually expressed as a %age of the benchmark turnover

Number of customers at end of period less new customers acquired/ Customers at start of period

This is useful to understand how well existing customers are being developed and how often they buy product. What is crucial is defining the period to be looked at.

8) Contract success rate

Pipeline value / Contract wins value

For contract based businesses this can be a critical measure to drive long term performance

9) Average sales order value

Sales order value / sales order quantity

Useful metric to drive cross selling opportunities to customers