How to build a dashboard that helps you make better decisions?

How to build a dashboard that helps you make better decisions?

Interactive dashboards offer powerful and convenient tools to simplify and streamline effective decision making in executive arenas. Based on KPI’s, executive dashboards provide intelligible insights and is an intuitive method to access data and other crucial metrics by enabling target users to engage with quality real-time data.

A business’ ability to leverage multiple layers of visibility will improve its competitiveness, strengthening connections between Leaders, managers, individual contributors, and stakeholders and by considering KPI’s which in turn provides connected path to company’s strategic vision. The information on executive dashboards is sourced from different departments, allowing business leaders to make timely and informed decisions. Also, the possibilities of Augmented Analytics platforms which includes task automation, context-aware insights suggestions and conversational analytics etc. effectual factors when interpreting and connecting credible decision making with data insights and dashboards.

It is vital that interactive dashboards align with constructive decision making and prioritizing data quality is one of the key essentials for the same. Complete, accurate, timely, informed, and compatible data without any undesired gaps in it has a huge role in determining quality and future trustworthiness of the respective dashboard made from those data insights. An unchecked data can bend overall reliability. Knowing who we are communicating with, i.e., understanding the target audience and planning in accordance with it is the next pivotal tip in building a dashboard which can advance firmness of purpose. There are separate dashboards for different departments, projects, designations etc. and having a clear idea of factors like data literacy, concepts and job functions can make the process smooth and valid.

S.M.A.R.T organizational goals can be reflected in your dashboard! Yes, the dashboard displaying Specific, Measure, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound meta goals of the business at its front and core can generate considerable credibility by making it easily trackable and comprehendible by the users. Two decent chart plans for demonstrating breakthroughs toward an objective are gauge and thermometer charts. They focus on performing rapid spot checks and assess how close you are to hitting a target figure immediately. If the outcomes are undesirable, you may use the information in this chart to guide your decision-making and devise a novel approach to bring balance on pace.

Establishing clear goals and guiding teams and people toward your performance targets is incredibly beneficial. Everyone in your organisation will be able to observe the KPIs in real time, thanks to the transparency and knowing if they are on the track to accomplish will be super useful. As you focus on integrating compliance, you will also be propping up a healthy workplace culture. Also, dashboards showing trends of not only on what has happened already or at present, but also what is likely to be measured in the future can help participants to figure out well-built decisions.

CEO Analytix has integrated and Interactive Business Intelligence dashboards having real-time, automated data insights on various business sectors including manufacturing, executive, financial, sales etc. with KPI dashboards appropriately aligned with the organizational and business mission, progression, strategy, and culture.

A series of new marketing analysis tools can help small business owners understand how their marketing effectively turns browsers into buyers. “There is no excuse now for not having basic marketing analytics.  If you are not sure which tools to use for which channels, the CEO Analytix marketing dashboard can be a useful source with real-time metrics analysis tools.  Business owners on a budget can have huge benefits with CEO Analytix dashboards because they can now track the success of their marketing strategy using relatively inexpensive and easy-to-use tactics and tools.

Author: Akhila Nasneem
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