Real-time insights to gauge your business’s marketing performance

Having a clear picture of what is working and what is not working in your business is important. This is where the key marketing performance metrics come into play. Without tracking the marketing KPIs it wouldn't be easy to comprehend what matter the most to your business.

A wide variety of channels such as search engines, social media channels, email platforms, content platforms, advertisement platforms, and various other digital marketing activities contribute to the marketing KPIs. CEO Analytix helps actively track the right marketing metrics in real-time.

Pulse of marketing

Get the pulse of your marketing efforts with CEO Analytix business intelligence solution. Getting started with CEO Analytix is easy. It helps you start with the basic questions how is your marketing efforts coming along, what are the areas to improve and what marketing channels deliver a higher return on investment?


CEO Analytix offers allows you to track all your data in one central location which saves a lot of time and enhances decision making.

Improved ROI

You’ll never know where to invest unless you find out what channels are performing well and driving qualified leads and sales.

Empowered employees

CEO Analytix is designed to motivate and encourage employees to perform better and shift to performance-driven workplace culture.

Improved decisions

Allows marketers to visualize key marketing metrics backed by real-time data to make faster and better business decisions.

Building self-service business intelligence marketing dashboards

Here is the checklist for building your first marketing dashboard with us to generate actionable insights:

  • Determine the marketing data sources
  • Determine the key performance metrics for your business that reflects the goal of your business
  • Determine what you’re going to measure, and set challenging but realistic benchmarks
  • Monitor and analyse marketing performance against the benchmarks.

Predictive analysis

With the predictive analytics features, marketers are now able to use their data to predict future outcomes, uncover new opportunities, determine customer purchases or responses, find out new cross-selling opportunities and identify business risks. CEO Analytix is best for marketing and analytics leaders providing them with a centralised platform providing predictive analytics with fast insights and accurate predictive output.

Key marketing metrics

From social media, to search engines, to lead generation, marketing activities involves multiple touchpoints that are spread across multiple channels. Here are some of the important marketing KPIs that every marketing team should have on their dashboard:

  • Return on marketing investment
  • Website traffic sources
  • Customer acquisition cost
  • Click through rate
  • Unique visitors
  • Page views per session
  • Leads generated and lead conversion rate
  • Lifetime value of a customer
  • Social media reach and engagement
  • Email marketing performance
  • Inbound link status
  • Paid search marketing KPIs

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