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"We develop bespoke self-service business intelligence analytics solutions to help companies make strategic decisions with quantitative data."
Muhamed Farooque
CEO, excelledia ventures


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Decision making

Enabling access to all your key metrics in a single unified place in well-structured BI analytics that fuels strategic decision making.


Measure the performance of your team numerically by providing leaders the ability to get a holistic view of the tasks, refine processes and boost productivity.

Customer experience

Customer insights help understand how they are interacting, improve data accuracy, identify opportunities, and innovate.

Predictive analysis

Detect and predict risks and recommend solutions for business sustainability. Identify trends and stay ahead of the curve with future forecasts.


Department level access to data across the organisation with improved data transparency, data integrity and data governance.

Time saving

Spend less time reporting and more time doing. Saves you a ton of time by bringing only the relevant insights and skipping the manual report building process.


We have expert advice in helping you to secure digital funding to transform your IT. We can advise SME’s and larger organisations on how to secure a better return on investment with match funding and tax benefits.


We will schedule regular reviews and consultancy days to ensure that you are getting the best out of your system and will help you to make any minor updates to your dashboards to meet the changing needs of the business.


“It seems that for every business that I have worked in for the last 25 years one of the first jobs was to implement Key Performance Indicator (KPI) dashboards. I thought why not make a business out of it. I partnered up with a friend with an established global IT consultancy business with operations in India, the middle east and the UK.”

Glyn Welsby

Managing Partner- CEO Analytix

Access from any location
Accurate and real-time data
Degree view of business

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