We Help CEOs Secure Value From Their Ever-increasing Levels of Data

We can help you build real-time dashboards using your data, plan, track, automate, and make better decisions. If you do not see the value in what we do then there is no charge.

What is Chief Executive Office?

An initiative from Excelledia helping your business bring all the meaningful data together in one place to make faster and better informed decisions. Tuned to fit your organization, CEO-Chief Executive Office puts you up and running with daily insights into your business.

Dig deeper into a bigger picture with our intuitive dashboard to get an objective view of key performance metrics (KPIs) that matter to your business.

Why Chief Executive Office?

One central location to view your business practices in real time, without having to sift through spreadsheets or emails. The Chief Executive Office central dashboard helps you:

Identify additional detailed reporting to drive better understanding

Set up automated alerts to send you an email to advise you when you fall below your KPI target or be informed when you achieve a certain goal.

No more long hours of preparation and analysing information which takes up time and resources.

Support you in sourcing and applying for match funding in your region for digital transformation.

Key Features and Benefits

Time Saving

Does your team spend wasted time generating regular reports? CEO-Chief Executive Office can help you automate your KPI's so you can focus on decision making.


Completely customizable to meet your business's specific needs. Comes with interactive data visualisations to highlight the key areas and gives you the freedom to visualise your data the way you want.

Real-time data at your fingertips

Chief Executive Office saves you time with real-time data at your fingertips. It is mobile optimised so you can view your KPIs on your tablet and mobile.

AI Optimization

AI optimized Chief Executive Office uses predictive AI to generate additional insights for your business which helps you understand what works and what doesn’t.

What They Say?

We love feedback from our customers and know how important it is to listen to them! Here is what they have to say

With the right analytics, gain insights into the story behind the numbers

In the digital world, businesses face more complexity and more competition than ever. Insights from data are essential-and not just any analytics. You need accurate, actionable discoveries in time to act. Chief Executive Office brings all your data together and empowers everyone on your team to uncover insights that impact your bottom line-every single day.

Reduce costs and risks. Improve profitability and transparency. Uncover new sources of revenue. It’s all possible with Chief Executive Office.