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The untapped goldmine in many organizations is their data, the foundation for taking any strategic decision across the organization. The CEO Analytix can provide valuable business insights to take decisions on finding new customers, increasing customer retention, improving customer satisfaction, managing marketing/ sales efforts, predicting sales trends, improving competitive position, expanding human capabilities, improving risk management, accelerating innovation, operational efficiency, and much more.

Extracting business insight from data is challenging but CEO Analytix democratizes data and analytics, rationalize collaboration, transform data into insights and drive impact. We unlock the power of data by using integrated tools, leverage analytics, data science, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

CEO Analytix

An excelledia venture

5D approach to reveal the real power of data

We believe that live business insights from data are a vital growth drivers for organizations. A decade of experience and expertise helped us to develop a 5D approach to reveal the power of your data:

Development of a collaborative and multidimensional analytics strategy where organization’s HR, processes, and technology are its integral partner.

Development of internal analytics skills by providing training, resources, through a mutually supportive community.

Deployment with the power of futuristic technology that ensures seamless efficiency, productivity, and data protection.

Deployment of an integrated data analytics platform that accelerate the generation of insights from data across the organization.

Democratize data with integrated data management tools that facilitate real-time access and governance enforcing the organizational policies.

Insights from data help to understand problems, identify solutions, improve processes, and much more. However, it is easy to get lost in data or wrong insights if you don’t have the right tools, technology, and skills. CEO Analytix is designed to get the best way to discover prescriptive insights, predictive insights, diagnostic analyses, disruptive analyses, etc that will guide your business into the future.

Why CEO Analytix

CEO Analytix empowers you to eliminate the cumbersome process of manual data preparation, empowers non-technical users with analytics capabilities through data integration from multiple sources.

Improves efficiency
Accurate forecasting
Integrated data
Realtime KPI
Better control
Diagnostic analysis
Clearer decisions
Report &
Drill to detail
Disruptive analysis

The process


Setting the tone of the business and understanding the goals and strategies.

Data extraction

Connect your data and extract data from regular data sources in Excel/CSV formats.

PoC (FREE of charge)

Our experts will present you a FREE proof of concept within the context of your own business.


We provide a detailed proposal before getting started to fully understand what you require and meet expectations.


CEO Analytix metrics integration creates custom visualisations of metrics that matter most.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, CEO Analytix helps you get more business value out of multiple ERPs. CEO Analytix turns data into insights that help you understand how to solve business issues with quantitative data, capture opportunities and fuel effective decision making.
Yes, with CEO Analytix, you get the latest business insights without manual intervention. Automatic updates save a lot of time and CEO Analytix is updated automatically, and it always reflects the latest data.
CEO Analytix provides near or real-time insights into what is happening in your business right now. You can monitor the real-time analytics which allows you to make quicker and proactive decisions and gives an edge over your competition.
Yes, CEO Analytix provides predictive insights which indicate the direction the company going, what are the changes required, customer satisfaction index, potential future business performance etc.
Yes, CEO Analytix provides intuitive dashboards that allow users to drill through from the summary page to the detail page.
Data is one of the most critical assets of an organization and CEO Analytix prevents your data from being tampered with.
CEO Analytix allows you to generate visualization, infographic and quantitative data.
Yes, CEO Analytix enables real-time ERP/Software data synchronization and maximises the value.

Intelligent dashboards

Data speaks

Transform with data

We believe curiosity-driven data exploration can lead to better performance and better outcomes.

Data for all

We believe in getting all the key metrics out for all the people to help them explore it and empower them.

Data literacy

A team that understands data performs well. We believe in promoting workforces to understand the importance of data.

Sector expertise

Executive team

CEO Analytix at a glance


Degree view of data


Customer satisfaction


Cross device accessibility

Customer's feedback

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